Free invention: Sneeze Cone


A conically shaped electrical generator driven by the high-velocity blast of a sneeze. The device could be operated manually or chin actuated.

Background of Invention

For nearly six decades scientists have been trying to harness the high winds of hurricanes to make electricity. By one estimate, the wattage generated by a single Category 2 hurricane would provide one year’s worth of electricity for a city the size of Cincinnati. To date, however, the high winds these scientists seek have torn to bits every windmill, turbine, generator, and wind sock that has been erected. Unbeknownst to them, an easier and less destructive alternative sat right under their noses: the 150–200 mph winds of a human sneeze dwarf those of any hurricane. Though less sustained than hurricane winds, sneeze gusts drive turbine blades with unbelievable force. In the current invention, small electrical generators capture sneeze winds and create electricity for personal use or for upload to the grid. During peak allergy seasons, sufferers could be recruited to sneeze farms for camaraderie and profit.sneeze_b

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