Free invention: Diaper Bowl


A rigid plastic diaper with plumbing cleanout. A host of optional hose fittings can be used for cleansing and disinfecting the interior of the bowl and exterior of the derriere.

Background of Invention

Imagine an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with baby excreta. And imagine a disposable diaper big enough to sop up all of that waste. Now imagine this colossal soiled diaper being dumped into one of our precious landfills. Are you beginning to picture the crisis at the overflowing landfills in the United States? We discard this amount of baby waste every three hours around the clock. While cloth diapers would protect our landfills from the 22 billion diapers used every year, laundering them would waste over 25 trillion gallons of otherwise clean, drinkable water.   Utilizing resilient materials, the present invention offers an easily maintained, comfortable, extended-use diaper bowl. Attractive enough on its own, the bowl can also be seamlessly integrated into fashionable baby and geriatric clothing. diaper

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