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 Al Jaffee, cartoonist, satirist, MAD Magazine “Fold-In” creator: “A fun-filled, well-written, illustrated guide to solving all our problems…unventional tackles, with wit and invention, the serious problems coming our way as the world’s population explodes and its resources implode.”

Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters: “Tom Giesler has the illustrator’s version of perfect pitch. His drawings perfectly capture the sense of strange adventure inherent in every patent drawing. This book is a virtuoso performance.”

Bill McKibben, founder of “I’m very glad the world’s major problems are now solved, so those of us who’ve been working on them can get back to drinking, sleeping, and so on!”

David Rees, author of How To Sharpen Pencils: “Brilliant, hilarious, and weirdly inspiring, unventional will forever change the way you look at objects that don’t actually exist.”

Fernando Cota, former U.S. Patent Office examiner: “Mr. Giesler has, for better or worse, applied the principles of open sourcing to the patent process. His cavalier vision is a world free from patent attorneys, licensing, patent examining fees, and, unfortunately, regard for public safety.”

An Introduction:

The book unventional is monumental. Some have called it “revolutionary” and “downright unbelievable.” Whatever it is, unventional offers a paradigm shift so big it can’t wait to go through the usual process of vetting – like research, development, clinical trials, etc.   Sometimes an idea is so big it requires rewriting the playbook. unventional is just that big.

In the wake of this book, inventions will no longer be owned, but freely shared. Patents will no longer be filed with the Patent and Trade Office, but cast like seeds into the wind.  In this book I am offering, free of charge, 40 Remarkable Earth-Saving Inventions, all yours for the taking.  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you – you read that correctly. The inventions in this book are free.  And this is an equal opportunity movement. Garage inventors: run, don’t walk, to your work benches. Hobbyists: warm your glue guns. Multinational corporations: cut funding to lower priority projects and pump resources into these inventions, and appoint me to your Board of Directors. We need everyone on board for this project.  

You might be asking yourself, “Why would a renowned inventor, the envy of his peers and in the midst of a notable career, suddenly begin giving away his inventions for free?”

.Well, the story begins before my birth.
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